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Ripe berries!

Schedule for this week


We are now CLOSED for the 2017 season. Thank you for your support and positive thoughts.

Our hours of operation sometimes have to change quickly - it is best to check this website or to call us at 740-625-7278 to make sure we are open - If we don't personally answer the phone wait and listen for the hours recorded on the answering machine. After the beep you can leave a message. We do not open for people who drop by during our scheduled CLOSED hours - we have too much to do and too little time to get things done. Thanks for understanding.

March/April - Burning cuttings, fertilizing, weed control. Cutting out frost and winter damage. Berries should start blooming.

May/June -Mowing, Mowing, and maybe some more mowing! Watching the fruit set!

July - Bluecrop is ripe and Blueray too! Plant testing. Coville comes next. Then Elliot

August - Closed. Weed control begins again.

September - Berries are gone but the weeds are not!!

October - Mulching.

November - Pruning begins. Some more mulching .

November and December - Christmas Trees!

December/March - Pruning!