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Short list of Rules - Berryfield Farm

Have fun but please abide by our rules.

When you are on our driveway, please keep your speed under 15MPH. There is no justification for a higher speed and endangering other customers and their children.

Leave your dogs at home. The issues are liability, behavioral control, and safety for your dogs, our dogs, our customers and us, the owners of the farm. They should not be left in a hot car while you pick and we cannot guarantee that our dogs will not jump up against your car trying to get at your dog through an open window. We have two dogs with us at the berry shack all the time. While our dogs both love and tolerate people, one does not tolerate other dogs well at all.

We encourage you to sample the berries as you pick. Just remember 1 in the mouth and 20 or so in the bucket is tasting - 20 in the mouth and 1 in the bucket is stealing, unless you are 3 years old or younger, then you get a pass on this rule.

If we hear thunder you WILL be asked to leave the field and wait in your car for an all clear. Every year, more people die from lightning strikes in the US than from hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and tornados COMBINED! If a thunderstorm is audible, we ask you to go to your car for your safety, and for ours. We don't want to be in the field during a thunderstorm either and we are not safe at all in the berry shack. For more information about the danger of lightning go HERE. Farmers have to deal with the uncertainty of weather 365 days a year. Consider it a part of your 'farm experience' if you chance to be affected by the weather during your visit. You can monitor this site to help you decide if bad weather is coming close to our location near Sparta, OH. This is the site we watch.

Parking. Parking, as well as access in and out of the farm is limited. We try to get everyone to park so that their back bumper is at least 2.5 to 3 feet OFF the driveway. This improves visibility for people backing out to go to the top of the drive to turn around, and it improves visibility for people coming back down the driveway, who may not see a small child or toddler dart out from behind a vehicle, and it keeps people from driving on the grass to excess, which when wet turns into a muddy mess and people can no longer see which is driveway and which is just muddy yard. We have parked hundreds of cars in our designated parking area even during very wet weather, and have only had to pull out one vehicle. Believe us, we don't want you stuck anymore than you do. We don't like blocking traffic with the tractor, laying in the mud to find a place to hook a chain on your car, hoping you don't slide sideways, etc. Have a little patience and let us get you parked in the best spot we can find.

Don't get too hot.Remember to wear hats and sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Stay back from the honey bee hives and NEVER throw anything at them, They will sting if the hive is threatened. If you see any frogs, turtles or snakes let them go their own way - they just eat bugs and moles and we like them.

We love kids BUT please attend to your children, don't send them down to the Berry shack if they are bored, tired, cranky, or misbehaving, don't let them wander the field unattended, don't let them run through the bushes knocking off berries, breaking branches, tripping over the irrigation lines, or bothering other customers - if you can't control them, don't bring them.



Thank you for your patience, understanding and your business!