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The blueberries are sleeping under a blanket of snow.

Berryfield Farm is changing.

Berryfield Farm will not be open to the general public this year but for members of our CSA only. Members will be informed of our schedule and hours of operation each week. There is a change this year both in terms of cost and definition. We have reduced our prices slightly. Memberships are at two levels Family (family members can pick with you) for $45 and Singles or Senior Couple (you come by yourself - anyone with you must have their own membership or if you are over 55 you can come with your spouse) at $15. If you sign up as a Single or Senior couple please don't bring any other people/relatives with you. That is what family memberships are for. You get your membership fee back in the form of berries at $3 per pound. If you pick more than that you simply pay the per pound rate on the over amount. If you do not pick enough to reach your membership cost, the difference will not be refunded. To become a member of our CSA you must print out this form, fill it in and mail your payment before June 1, 2019.